Take Control of Your BPCI Advanced Program

Archway Health, MedAxiom, and the American College of Cardiology (ACC) now offer cardiovascular groups and health systems analytics to offer analysis of their opportunity in BPCI Advanced and an assessment of which bundles they’ll find success in.

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Cardiovascular groups and health systems who applied to participate in BPCI Advanced at the start of Model Year 3, January 1, 2020, have now received their historical baseline data and target prices from CMS. This data can be used to help select which bundles to participate in. Those who are currently participating in the program will also have the opportunity to add or drop bundles before the start of Model Year 3. The deadline to finalize participation in Model Year 3 is December 1, 2019.
See how Archway Analytics can help you prepare for BPCI Advanced and find success throughout the program.

Managing Your BPCI Advanced Program

Archway’s SaaS solution, Archway Analytics, is a powerful data management and reporting platform designed for Medicare programs. Archway Analytics helps cardiovascular groups and health systems monitor, manage and adjust their program for success. Archway Analytics provides:

  • Automated, five-day turnaround on new CMS data

  • NPRA forecast modeling

  • Patient-specific target price analysis and episode timelines

  • Utilization trends and analysis for care redesign

  • Program-specific considerations, including ACO and concurrent episode override rules

  • Web-based, secure portal with sharable, exportable multi-format reports

Calculate patient-specific target prices

The latest feature added to Archway Analytics, the Patient Case Mix Adjustment Tool, allows providers to understand how the case mix of their patient population will impact their performance in BPCI Advanced. Believed to be the first of its kind, Archway’s PCMA function complements the existing patient-specific target pricing features of Archway Analytics to further aid providers in achieving savings in the program.