Understand your program opportunity with a BPCI Advanced Scorecard

Our complimentary scorecard offers a look at your potential savings and opportunities in BPCI Advanced. Our access to your historical CMS data allows us to evaluate your performance and provide you with a picture of how you’ll stack up in the program.

Thinking About BPCI Advanced?

Archway Health, MedAxiom, and the American College of Cardiology (ACC) now offer a free BPCI Advanced Opportunity Assessment to provide cardiovascular groups and health systems with an initial analysis of potential cost savings and areas for quality improvement to help inform decisions about BPCI Advanced participation.


Last Chance for BPCI Advanced

BPCI Advanced is the next generation of the original Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) initiative created by Medicare, and a further progression of the value-based healthcare movement.

BPCI Advanced qualifies as an Advanced Alternative Payment Model (Advanced APM) under the MACRA Quality Payment Program.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced that the application window for Cohort 2 of BPCI Advanced is open. The window runs through June 24, 2019, and is currently the last planned open window for applications for the voluntary program.

Program Details

BPCI Advanced, like other bundled payment programs, rewards clinicians for improving outcomes and lowering costs. Providers will be given an all-inclusive bundle price to cover the inpatient and post-acute care costs during an episode of care. With control of the entire episode, providers have the opportunity to earn additional revenue by improving care management to reduce post-acute costs and readmissions.

Current program characteristics include:

  • Voluntary Model
  • A single retrospective bundled payment and one risk track, with a 90-day Clinical Episode duration
  • 33 Inpatient Clinical Episodes, including 9 cardiac specific, such as PCI
  • 4 Outpatient Clinical Episodes, including the newly added Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)
  • Qualifies as an Advanced APM
  • Payment is tied to performance on quality measures

Choosing a Bundled Payment Partner

Archway Health, MedAxiom, and the ACC have combined efforts to offer a free BPCI Advanced Opportunity Assessment that would provide cardiovascular groups and health systems with an initial analysis of potential cost savings and areas for quality improvement and help members make decisions about—and apply for—the BPCI program.

  • Full-Service Platform
    Archway has a full suite of services to help you succeed in a bundled payment program, included strategic advisory services, detailed data analytics, program design, care management and patient tracking tools, CMS compliance and reconciliation tools

  • Flexible Partner
    Together, we have the resources to support your organization’s participation in risk-based programs in a way that works for you. You have the option to license our tools, utilize the value-based care team advisory support, join our convener application, or any combination of the three.

  • Experience & Success
    MedAxiom and the ACC work with Archway because they are a dedicated BPCI Advanced convener and bundled payment partner. Together, we provide years of experience in program implementation with a track record of success helping provider earn savings, improve processes and meet quality goals.

  • Risk Management
    Through partnership with an A-rated insurance carrier, Archway can help you assess the risk of your program and design a stop-loss program for downside risk protection to improve performance and protect against losses.

BPCI Advanced Scorecard.png

Customized Data-Driven Decision Support

Powered by Archway, MedAxiom and the ACC, the BPCI Advanced Opportunity Assessment features provider and peer-benchmarked clinical and financial data using multiple sources and analytical tools. The off-site, timely analysis offers providers a view of their performance relative to peers, helping them decide if the BPCI Advanced program is right for them.


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